Live Dealer Blackjack

Live Dealer Blackjack in the German online casino gives you a casino experience that is in no way inferior to the casino game in a casino. In 2020 you will be seated by video transmission at a blackjack table with real players and a live dealer. Real money bets offer excitement and profits, and thanks to various camera perspectives you are close to the action. Take advantage of the low house edge, gamble strategically against the live dealer and win real money in a great casino atmosphere.

This is how normal online blackjack differs from the live dealer game

In the casino, blackjack is played at the table with other players and a real croupier who hands out the cards. If you haven’t visited a casino yourself, you may know the process of a blackjack game from film or television. The online game, on the other hand, runs with software and the cards are distributed by a random generator. This makes the game very fast and with some variants you can play several hands at the same time. It is often possible to play online blackjack for free with play money, although you can learn the rules well.

Live dealer online blackjack casinos, on the other hand, offer a completely different game experience. Here, instead of a random generator, real cards are used, which are issued by a correct dealer. You can be there directly via video stream and in most cases you can even determine from which angle you want to follow the action. The chat function enables interaction with the live dealer or other players. The game runs in real time, so that the mood corresponds to a real casino and you can enjoy a special blackjack experience.

BlackJack – The Games Of Skill

The game offers certain side bets, such as insurance against a live dealer blackjack or a bet that the dealer will overbought. Beginners should concentrate on the simple strategies. The basic rule is to draw another card if there are 8 or fewer points and to stop at 17 or more points. In the analysis it is striking that blackjack prefers the player. The latter is more free in his decisions than the dealer and benefits from better payouts in the case of blackjack. With a promising hand you also have the chance to double your bet. You can split two cards of the same value into two hands, giving you a double chance against the real dealer if you bet twice. With a strategy, you can further minimize the bank advantage,

In a blackjack strategy table you will find a precise overview of which dealer and player hands you have to deal with. Another strategic approach is card counting. The cards already drawn are usually set aside. It is therefore possible to make assumptions about the cards remaining in the stack and to determine probabilities for a good hand. Many casinos encounter this (legal!) Tactic by prematurely shuffling the cards, often immediately after each round played. With Live Dealer Blackjack you can see how often the shuffles are reshuffled.

Live dealer blackjack for mobile devices

In online casinos in Germany, live blackjack is possible in two ways: either with an independent casino software for live dealer blackjack, which you install on your desktop PC or Mac, or as a game directly in the browser without downloading. This is often also possible on your mobile device such as iPhone and iPad or Android smartphone and tablet. Support for mobile devices can be different in live dealer online blackjack casinos, because technically video transmission and gameplay as well as interaction with live dealers and players must also be guaranteed on mobile phones or tablets

Top online casinos with real blackjack croupier

There are numerous live blackjack offers waiting for you in German online casinos. But who wants to try out every single casino in search of the best live blackjack offer? Our team of casino experts has done some work for you, so you can concentrate on your live game right away. We have found the best German online casinos for live blackjack and compiled them into a top list. So you can quickly find the best odds and payout percentages. You can also rest assured that we have already checked all providers for secure and reliable payment methods and that the blackjack casinos we recommend have an EU license and eCOGRA certification. Choose your internet casino from our top list and you will definitely get one Welcome bonus of at least 100%! How to double your real money credit guaranteed on your first deposit. Win real money with Live Dealer Blackjack!

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