Online Casino Slots

Do you like playing slots at the casino? We guide you through the rules of slots, RTP, what to think about to win and list the best slot machines online . Here you will find slot machines from all major game developers and learn all about how to play slot machines online. Read our game tests and take advantage of unique bonuses at Swedish slots casinos.

How to play slot machines online?

Slots, slot machines, video slots, fruit slots… Dear children have many names and no matter what you choose to call slot machines at online casinos , they often have a couple of common features and structure.

The classic slot machines that you may remember from a trip with a ferry around our Swedish coastline have of course been spruced up a lot with the digital revolution and all the really good online casinos that have emerged. Today’s modern slot machines that you find at a Swedish casino have significantly better chances of winning than in history, with a payback ratio that is often over 95%.

Below you will find everything about how to play the games, how to win at slot machines online and what you can do to take advantage of that best bonus that is so often offered at our Swedish online casinos.

Slot construction and execution

The fact that online slots have become so popular is largely due to the fact that technological development has made the games much more vibrant and attractive in terms of appearance, while at the same time expanding them with features that give the chance for both bonuses and free spins. But basically, casino slots tend to look relatively similar.

At online casinos, slot games usually consist of five reels. On each reel you will find the different symbols of the slot machine. You usually see three of the wheel’s symbols and these are usually called lines, and to win at slots, you usually have to get three equal symbols in a row. Other winning variants occur, especially on the more modern games.

Symbols in slots online

Depending on the complexity of the game and the possibility of bonuses, online slots have different amounts of symbols. The classic slot machine had symbols of various fruits such as cherries, but also sevens and BAR. This has since been extended to playing card denominations such as Ace, King, Queen and so on, to today’s slots games where game makers make new standard symbols for each new game.

Slot machine symbol

In many cases, these are between ten and fifteen symbols in one and the same game, where the symbols are worth different amounts and a couple of these are special symbols:

Wild Symbols

Wild is one of the absolute best symbols you can spin and works like a joker in card games. It can thus take any form so that you can combine your spun symbols into winning lines. Most often, the wild symbol can assume different values ​​depending on which payline it is used on.

It thus not only turns into ONE new symbol but assumes a new shape on different paylines during the same game round. This makes it perhaps the absolute best symbol you can spin as you can combine it with several paylines and thus larger wins.

Scatter symbols
Scatter is like you probably already guessed an English word. In our Swedish casinos, the word “scatter” is still often used, but you could easily translate it to scatter, ie scattered symbols.

A scatter symbol is a symbol that does not have to be on a payline to make a profit. Its value and the number required vary depending on the game, but the common denominator is that they can appear anywhere on the game board and still make a profit. Many times, for example, three scatter lands on certain predetermined reels are required to win in the form of free spins. Landing more scatters is sometimes dealt more spins.

Bonus symbols and jackpot symbols

In today’s modern slots, a long-awaited and special bonus symbol is often used that can start a bonus game. How many or where it will land for the bonus game to start varies, but one thing it has in common; this is where the big wins tend to hide.

In general, all online slots have the same structure and special symbols, with the difference in appearance rules for where and how many must land to activate the win / bonus round. Therefore, it is easy to learn a new game and to find out the value of each symbol, just click on the game’s info button.

Many times the text “bonus” appears, but take a look at the game’s rules or check one of our game reviews if you are unsure of which symbol to keep an eye on to access the really big wins. Sometimes there is a difference between jackpot games and bonus games, but the significant difference is really just the name.

In jackpot games, the symbol is called the jackpot instead and takes you to a mini-game where you have the chance to spin home the big win. Some games can have both a jackpot symbol and a bonus symbol and in general, as you probably already understand, you can say that the jackpot game can usually generate significantly more profit than the bonus round.