Online Scratch Cards Guide 2021

Today you have the opportunity to test multiple versions of scratch cards online for free as many online casinos offer full demo versions. You can also play Norgesloddet for free on our sites. Free bets allow you to familiarize yourself with the general rules of the game, as well as assess which lottery you like best. Since free play does not involve any risk of losing money, you also do not have the opportunity to win money. However, when you are confident of the rules, real money bets will significantly increase your level of tension. You can read about this below.

How to play scratch cards

Online Scratchcards are one of the simplest gambling games on the web, and in this it is understood that the rules of the game are very simple. If you have tried a scratch card in the more common paper edition, you will need little or no introduction to scratch cards online. However, a small introduction to the general rules does not hurt. As in the original paper edition, you must first purchase a ticket. The price per ticket will vary, but is usually less expensive than a ticket in the store or at the kiosk. Furthermore, you must scrape off the foil to reveal the hidden numbers. Your goal is usually to scrape three equal number symbols, although some variations exist. Your winnings doubts usually correspond to the tooth symbol that appears three times on the solder.


As mentioned earlier, scratch card online is one of the simplest old games on the net. This makes the game especially suitable for beginners. If you know the game in paper edition, you can simply read the basic rules of scratch card online. Furthermore, the price per ticket is usually lower than what you have to give for a scratch card in the paper version. You also have the ability to play at a high intensity, as extra features help you to scrape the entire lot automatically for you. This gives you a unique opportunity to scrape more lots, for less money, in less time, which will potentially increase the likelihood of winning. As an added bonus, the winnings for scratch card online are also greater, which means you can spend a lot more money on land. Several scratch cards also operate with jackpots.


The online scratch card is, as I said, a copy of the paper-based scratch card. The feeling of physically scratching the solder itself will not be as realistic online. For some, this can be a devastating factor for excitement, but for most, this will go away after a few rounds on the net. In fact, you will find that scratchcards on the web have their very own driving force, even though it is experienced somewhat differently than the authentic scratch card. Therefore, it is recommended that you try, if not less, on a free demo version.

Most people who love scratch cards probably know good old Flax solder from Norsk Tipping. These were launched back in the 90’s and have been sold in stores since that time. These scratch cards give us a chance to scrape up a prize of up to NOK 1 million. Now you can also play Flaxlodd online. In addition to Norsk Tipping, you will also find these lots at, among others, Betsson Casino and Karamba Casino.

There are now 7 different scratch cards from Norsk Tipping and the biggest win you can win is thus NOK 1 million through their Flaxlodd MillionFlax. As with most games delivered from Norsk Tipping, the reimbursement percentage is significantly lower than found at other online casinos. You will therefore have to scrape much more to win winnings from Norsk Tipping. We therefore recommend our readers who are happy with scratch cards and rather try their luck at scratch cards from the casinos we have listed at the top of this page. Here, the chances of winning will be very much higher!

Increased popularity

The scratch card was introduced in the 70’s with great success. Since then, popularity has increased for this piece of foil-coated paper. So far, the scratch card has been used as an exciting gift for both self and others. The transition to the net was not much of a success due to increased availability, cheaper lottery and larger prizes. In addition, the game is very user friendly as the rules of the game are neither intricate nor difficult to understand. Now there are several scratch cards at the online casino where you can get away with multi-million dollar winnings.