Jackpot Slots Guide 2023

Basically, you can win a few thousand euros in almost every casino game – provided the luck is on your side and helps you to play a little bit. There are, however, game solutions that are worth more than all the other slots and classics available in online casinos: jackpot games. The term suggests that it’s not just about classic ground winnings, but about the chance to win a full-filled jackpot. How high this turns out, that can not be said all inclusive.

Each casino game is different in the point, but they all have one thing in common: a tension effect, with which other slots without a jackpot can not keep up. We’ve put together a variety of attractive and profitable jackpot games in this section. Amazingly, these include not just slot machines, but there are also some classic table games that have been pegged to jackpots and, with a bit of luck, throw off a ton of cash.

One of the latest introductions is for example Marvel Roulette. Anyone familiar with Marvel slot games already suspects what is behind the jackpot symbol on the otherwise classic roulette table. There is no shortage of variety in the big casinos, which we have already presented on our pages

Different jackpot types

Jackpot game is not the same jackpot game. This experience makes you as a customer in online casinos quite fast. There are basically three main types of jackpots that should be known. The first variant is the fixed jackpot. For example, it is set at a few tens or hundreds of thousands of euros and remains in effect until it is broken by the guidelines. Afterwards, the online casino fills it up again directly. Most fixed jackpots are not as extreme as progressive jackpots. In this second variant, the pot rises steadily.

A certain part of all stakes flows into the jackpot and makes it possible that this fills up more and more – sometimes even up to several million euros. If such content is distributed, it will start again at zero, in some cases even at a certain basic amount. Variation three are jackpots whose amount varies relative to the choice of the bet. For example, if you only make the minimum wager, you may win a few hundred or a thousand euros. If you go with the bet to the limit, the jackpot falls accordingly higher. All three forms certainly have their pros and cons, and it’s ultimately a matter of personal preference which jackpot games you like best.

Progressive slots most popular

Slot machines with jackpots are usually best. On the one hand, they offer more choice than, for example, table games, and on the other hand they are available in multiple versions with progressive jackpots. The Marvel slots, based on old hero comics, even give players the chance to cash in on multiple jackpots. Another plus: Said pots are all progressive. This form is still the best option, because ultimately it is at least partially about profits that move in the millions. If you look at online casinos, even one or the other guest has managed to become a millionaire, and in the end, every customer has exactly the same opportunities and opportunities.

Basically, as a player, you can of course watch all imaginable jackpot games in the well-known casinos in order to find out for yourself which one is best. The game theme should finally hit the taste, because what good is a still high jackpot, which is in prospect, if the game itself is not exciting enough? Especially in modern online casinos, the selection is actually large enough that everyone should find a suitable game with a fixed or progressive jackpot. Some of the top games we already present here in order to spare our readers the search.