Live Casino Games 2023

There are various providers of live casinos,. They focus in particular on the games, where there are many interactions between the player and the dealer. Poker and roulette are just two of the games offered in live online casinos. This also results in one of the biggest advantages of live casinos over other online offers: the real gaming atmosphere.

Security in live casinos

Security plays a big role in live casinos as well. Here is played with real money and accordingly secure payment must be. Many of the live casinos offer interested users therefore several payment methods. In addition to the pure bank transfer, for example, the credit card or PayPal can be used. However, once the actual stock of unreal chances of winning exists, players can contact support and get their payments (if they’re right) refunded. However, the security of the live casinos also takes place from a legal point of view. The operators operate with an official license and thus have to submit to the applicable EU law. This provides additional security and makes live casinos in Germany more attractive.

Provider of live casinos

There are quite a few providers of live casinos on the Internet. They all work on similar concepts and provide the player with a real casino atmosphere. Via a webcam, the dealer interacts directly with the players, creating an interpersonal basis. Various offers such as premium accounts or VIP offers provide additional fun. The 777 Casino offers its players as a welcome bonus, which is not uncommon in other live casinos. However, the amount and type of bonus may differ depending on the casino.

Live Casino Games

The range of games in the live online casinos is very versatile, but especially in three games there is often a particularly busy crowd. Almost every player knows this and does not have to worry about rules and playing methods.

Play Black Jack live in the online casino

Black Jack is one of the most popular card games in every casino and also one of the most played. The blackjack tables are often well-attended and therefore offer good entertainment even in live online casinos. The rules of the game are the same in every casino. It is played at a table in a semicircle with the dealer sitting on the straight side of the table. A total of six sets of 52 playing cards each are used, whereby the aim is to get as close as possible to the 21 points with your own cards. The values of the individual cards are identical to many other card games:

Play roulette live in the online casino

Roulette is also one of the most popular games in live casinos after Blackjack. It’s all about numbers and their characteristics, the bets are made on. In its classic version it is played on so-called double tables with the roulette wheel in the middle of the table. On the left as well as the right side are then the individual fields of application. However, this classic form of roulette game has now been replaced by the use of simple tables. The roulette wheel is distributed at one end of the table and the inserts on the rest of the table top.

The goal of the game is to guess what number the ball in the roulette wheel will ultimately display. You can choose between a specific number or your property. On the roulette table there is a field of use for each number in the boiler. At the edge of the fields for the concrete numbers are the fields for their properties as well as number groups. For example, gamblers can also bet that a red number is falling or that it is an even number. The number of bets is not limited, so each player can bet on different characteristics as well as on several numbers.

If a player bets on the correct number or its correct characteristic, its profit depends on the type of bet. The highest earning is the profits when used on a concrete number with a ratio of 35: 1. On the other hand, if you bet on the colors, the even or odd numbers, or on a group of numbers, you take a simple chance and win 1: 1.