Online VIP Casino Guide

What is a VIP Scheme?

The online casinos’ VIP program is designed to reward the most loyal casino players and big players. As soon as you become a member you will be able to enjoy the great benefits and the more you play, the more value for money you will get. To make it easier to understand how the best VIP programs work, they compare the loyalty programs of different airlines. The new online casinos use more or less the same model for their VIP programs as the airlines do. The names of the levels are more or less the same, and the same goes for the way you climb and descend into levels, points, etc. Of course there is a big difference; in order to participate in the casino’s VIP program, you must play casino games instead of flying…

How to join a VIP program?

There are two ways to gain membership in VIP programs. In most new online casinos, you are automatically rewarded with membership when you register. The other way to become a member is to be a loyal player for a long time, or a big player who bets a lot and puts in large amounts. In such cases, the online casino will invite you to its unofficial VIP program. There are new online casinos that have a more or less hidden program for their best customers. In such cases, the bonuses will be customized to your needs and will not be made public.

The structure of the VIP programs

The VIP programs consist of different levels, and the higher the level, the better the rewards you get. There are VIP programs out there with up to 10 levels, but New Casino will claim that the industry standard is at about five levels. The levels of more classic VIP programs tend to have names from precious metals or gemstones. The most common names on the various levels are bronze, silver, platinum, diamond etc.

There are new online casinos out there with more modern VIP programs that generally have a completely different approach to VIP levels. You will be able to find new casinos using belts, trophies and even action figures such as VIP levels. As if that wasn’t enough, there are also some new online casinos that base their entire casino concept on VIP programs with characters or heroes evolving and rising in the ranks each time you play or complete various challenges. These newest additions to the VIP world are colorful and playful online casinos that have taken VIP program integration into casino games a step further. Many casino players seem to like them. Casumo Casino is a great example of such a modern VIP program.

How to rise in the levels of the VIP program?

All new online casinos have their own levels and rules for climbing to the next level. However, there is one thing that is common to all online casinos, namely that one can only climb one level at a time. In general, online casinos use two different ways to determine the casino player’s level in the VIP system.

– Points based system: This is one of the most common models and is based on how much you bet. It works so that for every sum you bet you will get a certain number of points. These points form the basis for determining your level in the VIP program. For example, a new online casino can give you 1 point for every £ 10 / € / $ you bet. You usually get more points when you aim for higher levels. At the highest VIP level you can get twice as many points for every £ 10 / € / $ you bet compared to the lowest VIP level. One thing to note is that the different game categories contribute differently to the points system, which means you have to spend more money on table games than on slot machines to get the same number of points. It varies from casino to casino how much each casino game contributes in the points system.

In some new online casinos, the points are only used to determine the VIP status, while in other casinos you can exchange the points in free spins, free money and many other things like luxury travel, tickets or cool things. Please note that VIP points at all new online casinos have an expiration date that is normally between 3 and 6 months. We recommend all new casinos that use the VIP system in their VIP program, especially those that provide the opportunity to convert VIP points to other things.

– Deposit-based system: In such systems, your VIP status is based on the total deposit you made within a specified time period. In most cases, the deposits you made in the last few months determine your level for the next month. However, there are new online casinos that use all deposits from your registration with the casino to determine your level. In this case, you will never be able to go down the levels, but only up.

This method of determining VIP level is in a way more boring than the point system, which is based on how much you bet. This system has no excitement as to what level you will end up with next month. Since there are no points, you can also not exchange cool things or money.

What do you get from the VIP programs?

As in all other matters, online casinos have their own way of rewarding the best casino players. We’ve gone through all the VIP programs reviewed by New Casino to see what kind of benefits they provide. New Casino has divided all the rewards into three categories to make it easier to understand.

– VIP Bonuses: We have divided this category into two; match bonuses you get when you make a deposit, while for a variety of reasons you get free bonuses at your new online casino.

  • Match Bonuses: New casinos use many different names to describe this bonus, but the most common ones include VIP Bonus, High Roller Bonus, Monthly VIP Bonus, Weekly VIP Bonus, etc. In reality, these deposit bonuses work the same way like reload bonuses. The difference lies in the amount you receive, as this bonus provides a much higher amount than reload bonuses offered to non-VIP members. On the other hand, the percentage that the online casino matches your deposit with is in most cases lower since a lot more money is involved. For example, you can get a 100% bonus up to several thousand £ / € / $. For such VIP bonuses, the wagering requirement may be higher than in some other online casinos and is usually around 40 times.
  • Free Bonuses:Such bonuses are normally only given to you, so they are in fact gifts offered from the online casino, as you do not need to make a deposit to receive them. Sometimes the free bonuses are mistaken for deposit-free bonuses, which is another type of bonus. You normally get free spins or free cash to play for. There are many different ways to get these, such as a reward for having accomplished something, like a prize when you win something, or just for letting you try the latest casino game. For example, you can get a new bonus for climbing one level in the VIP program, or even get a free bonus for staying on the same level. These bonuses tend to have appropriate names like the Level up bonus. The free bonuses come with shorter expiry dates and higher wagering requirements that must be reached before the bonus money can be withdrawn from the casino account.

– VIP Rewards: In this category you will find all the benefits and free products you get at a new online casino as soon as you become a member of their VIP program. Most rewards here are not action-based, which means you don’t have to earn anything or make a deposit before you get rewarded. You simply get free stuff in the form of gifts. The rewards you receive, of course, depend on your VIP status; The higher up the levels you are, the more you get.

  • Cashback: This is an important component and a necessary part of a VIP program if an online casino wants to attract big players and loyal casino players. Cashback is greatly appreciated by all casino players. It is always nice to know that you will not go home empty-handed when you are having a bad day. Cashback rates vary from casino to casino and for each VIP level. At the highest VIP levels and in the best new casinos, you can get up to 15% cashback on the deposit amount you lose.

In addition, there are some online casinos that offer cashback on all bets, which means that you get back a percentage of the entire amount you bet, either in cash or in VIP points. We think this is more of a bonus than a reward, and that the correct name should have been a sales bonus and not a cashback. It is a great feature anyway, although we prefer cashback on deposits. The percentage you get back on the amount you bet varies from casino to casino is obviously much lower than for cashback on deposits. There can be up to 3% on everything you trade for.

  • Gifts: In this category you will find all the free products that the online casinos literally give away for free. The names of such gifts are VIP gifts, birthday gifts, weekly loyalty gifts, etc. The names and ways of getting these gifts are many, but in most cases you get free spins, free casino money or free VIP points. In many cases, you can also receive gifts of a different type, such as invitations to tournaments and competitions, tickets to sports events, tickets to draws, travel, electronic devices, exclusive offers and so on.
  • Exchanging VIP Points: Some online casinos that use the points system allow players at the highest levels the opportunity to redeem their loyalty points for free goods or simply exchange them for cash. Mostly, you get the opportunity to convert them to spin on slot machines, transfer points to casino money or exchange them into luxurious journeys, electric devices, tickets to special events, entrance to land-based casinos and so on. The value you get for each point depends on the current level of the VIP program. The higher up the levels you are, the higher the value of the points.

– Practical rewards: A very important criterion for big players is convenience, especially when it comes to administrative matters. Casino players, and especially big players, do not like to control things other than to play, nor like to wait for things to be done. They want quick access to everything without wasting time on things other than gaming. New online casinos have found some easy ways to make the casino visit as easy as possible.

  • Personal VIP Manager: This is probably the most important service, or reward if you will, in a VIP program. A loyalty program at new online casinos without this service can hardly be called aVIP program. Major players will hardly waste their time at online casinos that do not offer personal manager.

As soon as you get to the higher levels of the VIP program, a personal manager will be assigned to you. This person is like a personal assistant to you when it comes to everything that has to do with the casino. The manager is also there to answer any questions you may have, solve your problems and make sure all your casino wishes are met. After playing at the new casino for a while, your personal manager will know your preferences and you will get benefits you enjoy without even having to ask for them. You are always informed about news in the casino world, such as the latest casino games, casino bonuses, challenges and so on. Your new personal manager always keeps you up to date on important things so you don’t have to spend your own time on anything other than playing.

It is very important to be aware that the best rewards for big players and loyal players with VIP status are rarely written anywhere or published by the casino. The rewards are often tailor made and awarded by the personal manager to suit the VIP player’s preferences. We also recommend that you always contact your personal manager and dare to request exclusive bonuses or offers. At worst, they say no, but at least they will learn about your preferences and give you what you asked for sometime in the future.

  • Faster Payouts: Major players and casino players alike want to be able to make withdrawals as quickly as possible. This is precisely what you can expect in the highest VIP levels, as you can get the withdrawal on the same day or within 24 hours at these levels.
  • Higher Deposit Limits: Most new online casinos have daily deposit limits to prevent gambling addiction. In the higher VIP levels, you can expect these deposit limits to be much higher and more flexible. It is up to each individual manager to decide whether the player is game dependent and then determine the new deposit limit.
  • Low wagering requirements: Some new online casinos provide lower wagering requirements for the most loyal casino players. This applies both to deposit amounts and to bonus money.

How to find the best VIP program?

There are many new online casinos out there that offer some form of VIP program. However, only a few offer the real item. A genuine VIP program that can really satisfy most demanding casino players involves a lot more than bonuses. New Casino mentions a few parameters that you should look for when looking for a new online casino with the best VIP program.

  • Personal VIP Manager – The most important criterion.
  • Cashback Reward – Important for Big Players.
  • Quick withdrawals – No casino players like to wait for their money.

The most important criterion of all is a personal VIP manager. Without such, there is no point in the casino calling its location program a VIP program.