Roulette Casino Guide 2023

If you think of casino games, the gambler will definitely come up with the classic roulette table game. For decades the game of the cauldron, the white ball and the numbers from 0 to 36 in the casinos of this world is represented – and again and again the players try to make a profit. But can you win a lot of money with roulette? Can you develop a winning roulette system and beat the casino? How does the game actually work on the internet and where can you play best? We have objectively approached these questions and put them together in our roulette overview.

Basically, there is no classic casino game that combines more excitement, strategy and luck than roulette. The roulette rules are easy to understand even for beginners and the odds are easy to calculate, because each bet has a well-defined probability. The player takes his bet, places it as a bet on a certain number or number range of the table and now hopes that the ball remains in the right place.

That’s how many players spend their money at the roulette table, so it’s no wonder that roulette is one of the most popular gambling games in the world. But not only in the largest casinos in the world is played roulette, but also on the Internet. There you can easily play roulette from home, develop systems and experience exciting moments.

Roulette has also reached the online casinos and is more popular than ever! So if you want to play roulette online, there are many possibilities. Either you play online for free on or you visit an online casino

Differences between American and French Roulette:

It should be noted that there is a French roulette, but also an American roulette! Here in Europe, however, almost exclusively the French version is common. The differences are:

  • French is played with 37 numbers (36 + 0), American with 38 (36 + 0 + 0).
  • Various arrangement of numbers in roulette wheel
  • The proportion of French is significantly lower
  • In French, the odds “0” deny simple odds, but the American pays out 50%
    The playing field at French Roulette is bigger

Technically, the roulette game runs just as in a real casino, but of course it is only virtual. Nevertheless, one has to say that the graphics are flawless and you can easily place any roulette bet on the table. In this case, the croupier is replaced by a computer and the payout of roulette winnings is also automated. A small disadvantage of online roulette would be that you can no longer perform the world-famous boiler watching, as a random algorithm prevents any predictions when turning the wheel.

However, gaming systems can play even better in online roulette. Just leave an Excel spreadsheet or use the extensive statistics at the table. There is displayed, which numbers have come, which are currently running hot, which are currently cold and where there are tendencies! Add to that another big advantage that definitely wants to mention: Play with many players at the same time at the same table without getting in the way of playing roulette.

Roulette rules

Before putting your bets on the virtual green roulette table, you should definitely know the roulette rules and odds of winning.

The game starts with a call from the croupier and from now on everyone can place their bets on the field. Of course, these must not exceed the table maximum or minimum. This is because a lot of players have done the martingale system, the doubling strategy in online roulette. With the help of the minimum and maximum, this roulette strategy can only be carried out conditionally.

In general, you can bet on any number including zero. However, the bet must be placed in the middle of the respective number. However, you do not just have to bet on the numbers, you can also bet between two numbers, four numbers, red or green, odd or even numbers, high or low, column, section or a dozen. The possibilities are unlimited and varied. Once the bets have been made, the croupier turns the roulette wheel and after a while no bets are allowed. Now everything looks at the ivory ball and what number it stays!

Payout odds

Of course, every time you play at the roulette table, the player takes a risk that could eventually pay off. So it’s interesting to know how the payout odds are at roulette and what you get for odds. Please note that the roulette payout odds and odds are slightly adjusted.

Roulette with real croupiers – live roulette

Of course, since an online roulette table can not replace a real roulette table in a casino, online casinos have been offering so-called live roulette on the internet for some years now. Here Roulette is transmitted via webcam or livestream with a real dealer at a real table. By chatting, the player can play live roulette, talk to the croupier and even ask him questions in real time. This is also the big advantage of online roulette via webcam. Although the player sits at home, he can communicate in real time with real people like in the casino, make his bets and accept the congratulations of the other players!

Roulette strategy and systems

Because of the fixed odds, the tension in the cauldron and the great odds of winning, many people have dealt with lucrative strategies for roulette. This is no wonder, as roulette will always be a great strategy game. You want to place your bets profitably and will always consider the same or a new strategy.
For example, there is always the strategy to bet against the trend. If, for example, four reds have come, then many players will go more and more black. Or some players always follow the same roulette strategy. You protect your favorite numbers with well-matched edge bets and hope for your luck now. This pattern is maintained until the mission has hit.

In addition, there are now different roulette systems based on mathematical probabilities. So there is the well-known doubling trick, the Martingale system, or many other roulette systems such as Marches, Fibonacci or Paroli.