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Blackjack is a classic casino game in the “table games” category. This table game is based on the card game 21 or pontoon, which the game is also called in the USA.

Blackjack is an incredibly popular casino game and has grown ever larger over the years. Not least because the output is not just due to luck. Instead, the game is all about how you play and it is usually this that determines whether you win or not.

Using data simulations, we have managed to develop strategies that show that it is possible to beat the “bank”. In order to succeed, one must be able to remember how to proceed depending on the cards dealt. If you can, you have a really good chance of winning against the casino.

How is Blackjack played?

Blackjack is played against the dealer who in turn plays for the casino. The game is about getting cards that are better than the dealer’s without getting “thick” – which is the score of 22 or more. The blackjack game uses a cautious card game with 52 cards without wildcards and the number of card games affects the outcome of the game. Usually 6 cards are used in blackjack games at casinos, which means that you play with a total of 312 cards.

The casino game blackjack is played on a crescent-shaped table and skirted by a dealer who mixes and distributes the cards, collects losses and pays out winnings to the players. Normally, there are seven places at a blackjack table where players have the opportunity to play with more than one hand where each hand is counted as a separate game.

Some casinos have machines that shuffle and deal with the cards, but for the most part, procedures are done by hand. After mixing the cards, the dealer asks a player to cup the game by inserting a blank card somewhere in the pile at about a card game height from the bottom card in the shoe. To make it more difficult for eventual card counters, the top card is removed and placed in the pile of discarded cards. This pile must not be touched by the players.

The Blackjack game starts when the player bets an amount. The minimum and maximum amount varies greatly depending on which table you are playing at. When the players have placed their bets, the dealer receives each card with the face up, but the dealer’s card ends up with the back up.

At the second round of the card handout, all cards face up. The dealer always starts by giving cards to the players and then ends by giving a card to himself. Then the player must make a decision to stop, split or take a new card to get as close to 21 as possible without getting “thick” – get over 21.

Count points in blackjack

To score points in blackjack is very easy and therefore the game is also easy to understand. You add up the points on the cards in each hand to calculate the total.

Cards 2-10 are worth the number that is on the card. All dressed cards, jack, lady and king are worth 10. The ace is worth either 1 or 11. If the player gets a hand with a ten or a dressed card and an ace the ace is automatically worth 11 which means a blackjack.

So you bet in blackjack

Normally, players can bet on as many rollers they want. Each one plays individually, but in Europe and some other countries there is the opportunity to bet on other players’ hands. This can be extra interesting for you as a beginner and not yet got a proper routine at the blackjack game.

Player 2 bets by placing their chips next to the original bet. The first player has complete control over his own game and how he wants to bet. If the hand is split, player number 2 does not need to bet anymore, but can instead choose which hand he wants to bet on. The player also does not need to double the bet even if the first player does.

Insurance in blackjack

In most blackjack games both offline and online, insurance is offered. An insurance in blackjack means that if the dealer’s open card is an ace, all players participating in the game can have the opportunity to buy insurance in case the dealer gets blackjack. To obtain insurance, the player must pay an extra amount equal to the booklet of the original bet. A player who chooses to insure the game gets back 2: 1 if the dealer has blackjack. However, if the dealer does not have Blackjack, the insurance bet is lost and the game continues as usual.

Some “green” players are attracted to take out insurance when the dealer pulls out an ace and it certainly sounds safe with insurance. But we at MrBet advise you not to go into that trap. There is a reason why the casino has named this extra bet into something that many associate with something positive and good. After all, it all boils down to the fact that the casino wants to make more money. Given what an insurance cost is, the odds are simply too bad for you to earn anything from taking it. So whatever you do, never join any blackjack insurance when you play.

Play blackjack online

Do you like blackjack and the excitement of the game? Then we recommend you to visit an online casino. Most online casinos have a large selection of blackjack with a variety of versions. Playing blackjack online is easy and requires no prior knowledge, but we strongly recommend that you read through the rules before you start playing for real money.

Today, there is the opportunity to play blackjack online in a variety of ways. One is to choose a live casino. Playing blackjack at a live casino means you get a little more realistic feeling. Here it is almost like stepping into a real casino where now meets a living dealer. The rules of blackjack in the live casino are usually the same as in a regular online casino. The big difference is that you play together with others that you also have the opportunity to chat with.

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